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This page is a portal to thousands of links on a wide variety of emptiness teachings. The media include writings, books, articles, audios, videos, art and music, and lots more. This is especially true if we include not only Buddhism or philosophy, but any kind of teaching that can help foster a critical post-metaphysical or anti-essentialist insight. I consider any approach an emptiness teaching if it can help us see that neither we nor our world is essential, objective, or pre-given as we may have thought it was. There are many, many ways to see this; indeed, there is no pre-given limit to this.

This list is far, far, far from complete. People are communicating all the time. Indeed, what would “complete” even mean? Part of the message of the emptiness teachings is their own vastness and richness! If you encounter anything along these lines that you would like to share, let me know. If it is relevant to the emptiness teachings, I will add it with an acknowledgement to you!

Personal Sites

Scott Kiloby's site
Susan Kahn's site on Emptiness Teachings
Dawid Dahl's Integral Monastery

Portal Sites and Lists with Emptiness Content

Nonduality America
The ZenSite's page with links to articles on Nagarjuna
The ZenSite's page with links to articles on Philosophy

The following links take you to CiteULike, where I have collected many lists of links.

List of Buddhist Portals
List of Philosophy Portals
List of Cultural Studies Portals
List of Rhetorical Studies Portals
List of Women's Studies Portals
Introductory material on Buddhist emptiness teachings
More Buddhist sources
Introductory material on emptiness teachings from Western sources
More Western sources
List of writings by or about Nagarjuna
List of writings by or about Richard Rorty
List of writings by or about Ludwig Wittgenstein
List of writings by or about Jacques Derrida
List of writings by or about Michel Foucault
List of writings by or about C.W. Huntington
List of writings by or about Jay Garfield

Much more to come!!